The Attic

november 14. szombat, 14:30
november 14. szombat, 19:00
november 27. péntek, 19:00

Gábor Presser—Dusán Sztevanovity—Péter Horváth

The Attic

Half tale - half musical
for ages from 9 to 99

Written by Horváth Péter and Sztevanovity Dusán

Opening 27 January 1988 Vígszínház

Running time 2 h 15 min., starts 19.00, ends cc. 21.15




This Attic is the most extraordinary place, where anything can happen, just like in tales. Here, between sky and earth, a young scientist tries to develop the most intelligent computer ever, spending all his energies on this job. But all of a sudden mortal and immortal creatures appear in the attic and start disturbing him. What he has to understand now is more difficult than the job he did: that he has nothing to do with the world he knew about so far... This musical is deeply the Vígszínház’s own: it was born here and it is uninterruptedly on the repertory since its opening: 29 January, 1988. This year (2008) we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our most beloved attic.