Marius von Mayenburg
The Stone

október 15. szombat, 19:00

Director: Michal Dočekal


Based on the translation of Róbert Gál, Enikő Perczel and László Szabó G. the Hungarian text was made by Krisztina Kovács.

Maybe the whole history of the 20th century can be told by a story of one family, one house and one single stone… A house can be full with deep secrets, and for having different owners during the decades, the stories buried in the walls and the garden were inherited from family to family, from one generation to another. In the drama of Marius von Mayenburg these secrets emerge, helping us to understand our past, and even more, our present. The stone is a beautiful confession of family myths, love, betrayal and resumption.


 Witha Nagy-Ká­lózy Esz­ter

Wolf­gang Te­le­kes Péter

Hei­drun Szi­lá­gyi Csen­ge

Han­nah An­tó­ci Do­rottya

Mieze Hegyi Bar­ba­ra

Ste­fa­nie Maj­sai-Nyi­las Tünde

Stage manager: KOR­MÁ­NYO­SI MIK­LÓS
Assistant of Director: EFSTRA­TI­A­DU ZOÉ and SZABÓ G. LÁSZ­LÓ

Costume designer: KA­TE­RINA STEF­KO­VA
Assistant of costume designer: KORPIČ GERT­RUD
Dra­ma­turg: KO­VÁCS KRISZ­TI­NA
Composer: VÁC­LAV HA­VEL­KA 
Lightning: HLIN­KA MÓNI      

Director: Mi­chal Dočekal

Reading rehearsal: 12. October 2020
Opening Night: 5. December 2020 Pesti Theatre /live stream/

Permission of Marius von Mayenburg was covered by henschel SCHAUSPIEL Theaterverlag Berlin (DE) and Hofra Kft.