The Audience

a political satyre

translated by | Géza Morcsányi

Queen Elisabeth II         Judit Halász
Margaret Thatcher         Éva Igó
John Major             Béla Fesztbaum/Gábor Hevér
Gordon Brown         József Kerekes
Harold Wilson         Géza Hegedűs D.
Winston Churchill         Sándor Lukács
Anthony Eden         Béla Gados
David Cameron         Zoltán Seress
James Callaghan         Iván Dengyel
Equerry             Áron Zoltán
Governess             Tünde Majsai-Nyilas
Maid                Patrícia Puzsa

set design | Péter Valló production design | Zoltán Verebes costume design | Judit Pusztai dramaturgy | Hanna Szász
directed by | Péter Valló

One queen. Twelve prime ministers. Sixty years. Queen Elisabeth II is the most significant reigning monarch of the twentieth century and our times. The play is centred on the weekly audiences given by her to her prime ministers: Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, and David Cameron among others. Not only we can get an insight into the hardships of governance, but we can get to know one of the most amiable, witty and inspirational personalities of our time and the ministers serving her country.
The play has been a huge success on both Broadway and the West End. It is not simply just entertaining but also very timely, since the relationship between Great Briatin and the European continent has recently become a major issue again. With actress Judit Halász in the role of Queen Elisabeth II.

premiere | 14th October 2016 | Pesti Theatre