William Shakespeare
Love’s Labours Lost

Director: Péter Rudolf

a comedy

translation | Dezső Mészöly

adaptation for the Pesti Theatre | Péter Závada and Péter Rudolf

Ferdinand, king of Navarre - Péter Telekes
Lord Biron, attending to the King - József Wunderlich
Lord Longaville, attending to the King - Balázs Medveczky
Lord Dumain, attending to the King - Gergely Csiby
Boyet, attending on the Princess - Tibor Mészáros
Don Armado, a fantastical Spaniard - Zoltán Seress
Holofernes, schoolmaster - Iván Dengyel
Sir Nathaniel, curate - Béla Gados
Costard, clown - Zoltán Karácsonyi
Moth, page to Armado - András Tóth
Dull, constable - Simon Szabó
Princess of France - Csenge Szilágyi
Rosaline, attending on the Princess - Kata Bach
Maria, attending on the Princess - Renáta Tar
Katharine, attending on the Princess - Tünde Majsai-Nyilas
Jaquenetta, country wench - Lili Bajor

also appearing: Vodku Band

visuals | Pater Sparrow
costume design | Anni Füzér
dramaturge | Hanna Szász
directed by | Péter Rudolf

Ferdinand, King of Navarre, and his three noble companions take an oath not to give in to the company of women. They devote themselves to three years of study and fasting. On the very same day the Princess of France and her three lady-in-waitings arrive in town and turn the well-constructed plan upside down. Scheming, breaching of vows and misunderstandings pave the road to love through the thick shrubbery of rhymes. Love’s Labours Lost is Shakespeare’s most playful comedy, boasting more than 246 puns.

premiere | 29th September 2017 | Pesti Theatre