#Orpheus #Eurydice

choreography | Beatrix Simkó and Zoltán Grecsó

Zoltán Grecsó’s and Beatrix Simkó’s duo puts Orpheus’ and Eurydice’s mythos in today’s conditions, giving a special interpretation to this so many times presented love story.

Now, Eurydice will be expelled to the hell of our present world. Of course, she will be followed by his lover, the famous singer of the Greek mythology, but even though Orpheus understands the language of the animals, this world is and remains unfamiliar to him, and suddenly he gets helpless and incapable – he has no vigor to confront the ethos of the 21st century.

He tries to adjust to Eurydice’s new lifestyle, but Orpheus is not able to alter himself: his internal rhythm, which is different and slower than that of the beloved woman’s, does not match the everyday of his changed lover. Their love, which was believed to be immortal, even to survive death itself, will be in danger. The happy, ageless slowness will be uninterpretable in the caducity and quickness of the present.

Once again, Orpheus enters the underworld to find his lover, but this time their relationship becomes hell.

The dancer duo presents the conflict between the world of myths and the realities of the present, but dramatically it offers even more, by demythologizing their heroes themselves. Orpheus and Eurydice do not have to fight gigantic adversaries, like death. Their inglorious but at the same time hard fight will be about the everyday, the change, and the different world views.

This is an exciting challenge, to code this momentary collision, presenting dissonance and diversity in the language of motions only. Dance allows to show the mainspring of human relationships, the internal forces generating unsolvable conflicts.

In their duo, Beatrix Simkó and Zoltán Grecsó accumulate their experience of years of working together, using Dániel Dömölky’s clear scenography construction, in the atmosphere created by sound designer Ábris Gryllus.

\" This incredible piece of work is worth it to show, 
and to be proud all over the world! - Andrea Ladányi - dancer, choreographer

Choreography, dance: Beatrix Simkó, Zoltán Grecsó

Music: Ábris Gryllus

Set design: Dániel Dömölky

Costum: Petra Földi

Production manager: Anita Vodál

Producer: Pro Progressione

Special thanks to: Stefánia Ágoston, Anna Bagi, Eszter Kálmán, Bálint Nagy, József Pető, Tamás Reich, Borbála Sebők, Ádám Szellő, Anikó Zsalakovics

Supported by: Ministry of Human Resources, National Cultural Fund, Comedy Theatre Budapest, Workshop Fundation, Sín Production, Spicc Studio, Movein Studio, Eötvös 10, Pro Progressione, PUR E, DNN, deephoto

22nd October 2016 | 7.30pm | Studio