The Prop Master

EBERHARD STREUL the play is adapted to the Hungarian stage by PARTI NAGY LAJOS

The Prop Master

Directed by: ILAN ELDAD


Eberhard Streul \\\\\\\'s monologue is about a theatre prop master\\\\\\\'s \\\"evening of a lifetime\\\". Joseph Bieder, the prop master, is doing his job: he is putting away the props from the stage after a theatre evening, as always, when suddenly he faces a full auditorium. From his immediate embarassment he pulls himself together and starts to tell about his life and job, about the theatre people he met, he tells funny, sometimes sentimental stories about actors he worked with, stories from and behind the scenes.

The play is adapted to the Hungarian stage by Lajos Parti Nagy, the virtuoso poet.
A co-production between the Vígszínház and the Orlai Productions.