The Escape

The Escape

a monodrama based on the writings of Attila Gérecz

performed by | Ákos Orosz

directed by | László Csuja

The Escape is the story of a 21-year-old man from the 1950s, who unexpectedly gets caught for political reasons, gets convicted and imprisoned, but he escapes and flees home to his pregnant lover by swimming across the flooding, icy Danube. The young fugitive, Attila Gérecz was caught and imprisioned again to be released on 30th October 1956. He immediately joined the street fighters of the revolution. He was killed a few days later in Klauzál Square in the machine gun fire of a Soviet T34 tank. The poet Attila Gérecz became a martyr of the 1956 revolution.

premiere | 16th April 2016 
Vígszínház | Studio