István Hirtling

István Hirtling started his studies in 1976 at the Budapest Child Theatre Acting Studio. His teacher was Judit Nyi­lassy, the director of the theatre. In 1979 he was accepted to the University of Theatre and Film Budapest, where he got his diploma in 1984 in the class of Imre Kerényi, Péter Huszti, and Ida Versényi.

Already as a student he played in several theatres in Budapest, such as Já­ték­szín, Rad­nó­ti Theatre, Vidám Stage, Ari­zo­na Theatre, Open-Air Stage Margitsziget, Mer­lin Theatre and Pince Theatre.

He started playing at the National Theatre in 1982, where he was a member until 1990. Then he went to Madách Theatre for one year, afterwards he became a freelance actor but continued playing there. Since 1992 he is a member of Art Theatre and the Thalia Company, and is a founder of Kelemen László Actor Circle. He was a member of Szolnok Theatre, played in Bar­tók Theatre Du­na­új­vá­ro­s, Já­ték­szín and Pe­tő­fi Theatre Veszp­ré­m.  He was a member of New Theatre Budapest between 1998 and 2012 and played at Vö­rös­mar­ty Szín­ház between 2012-2019. Since 2019 he is a member of Víg­szín­ház.


  • Rajz Já­nos-Award (1985)
  • Já­szai Ma­ri-Prize (1989)
  • Story Five Star-Prize (2007) – Value Prize
  • Virtuous Artist (2012)
  • Prize of Summer Theatre Survey Városmajor (2013)
  • Iván­ka Csa­ba-Prize (2013)
  • Arany­al­ma-Prize (2016)

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Hirtling István