Éva Igó

Éva Igó was born in Budapest. She graduated in 1980 from the University of Theatre and Film Budapest, but she already played in Pince Theatre since 1976. After graduating from the University she started working at the National Theatre Miskolc, then she went to Csiky Gergely Theatre in 1984. She is a member of Vígszínház since 1987, but she also performs in the Night Theatre, and played the Pester Cabaret at Spinoza house. The audience could see her in more than 30 film and TV roles. She won the Critics Prize for Best Actress twice: in 1981 in King Lear, and then in 1984 for her performance in Lulu. She won the Best Performance by an Actress Prize for her role in the film The Day Before Yesterday at the Veszprém Film Review in 1981. In 1983 she got the Jászai Mari Prize. For her performance in Kissing Lady she was awarded with eMeRTon Prize. In 1991 she got the Varsányi Irén Memory Ring, in 1994 the MSZOSZ Prize. She won the HBO Prize of the Hungarian Film Review twice: first with her performance in Esti Kornél and then for her role in Illegitimate.  She won the Ajtay Andor Memory Prize three times (1996, 1998, 2003). In 1998 she became Virtuous Artist of Hungary. She got the Ruttkai Éva Memory Ring in 1998. For her performance in the play The maids she got the Theatre Prize of the Capital Council. In 2009 she got the Roboz Imre Artist Memory Prize. In 2013 she got the Harsányi Zsolt Memory Prize, in 2017 she got the Outstanding Artist Prize and also won the "A kis csil­lag is csil­lag" Prize.


Critics Prize for Best Actress (King Lear), 1981.
Veszp­ré­m Film­ Review – best female performance (The Day Before Yesterday), 1981
Já­szai Ma­ri-Prize, 1983
Critics Prize for Best Actress (Lulu), 1984.
Emer­ton-Prize (Kissing Lady)
Var­sá­nyi-Ring 1991
MSZOSZ-Prize, 1994.
Film­ Review HBO-Prize - Esti Kor­nél
Film­ Review HBO-Prize – Best female performance (Illegitimate)
Ajtay Andor Memory Prize, 1996.
Ajtay Andor Memory Prize, 1997.
Virtuous Artist, 1998.
Rutt­kai Éva-Prize, 1998.
Roboz Imre Artist Memory Prize, 2009.
Theatre Prize of the Capital Council – best female performance (The maids)
Har­sá­nyi Zsolt-Memory Prize (2013)
Outstanding Artist (2017)
"A kis csil­lag is csil­lag"-Prize (2017)

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május 29. vasárnap, 14:30
május 29. vasárnap, 19:00
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május 22. vasárnap, 19:00

A Pentheszileia Program

június 1. szerda, 19:30

II. Richárd

május 18. szerda, 19:00


május 27. péntek, 19:00
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Igó Éva