Andrea Petrik

Andrea Petrik was born in Temerin, she went to the Horváth Mihály High School in Szentes. She attended the University of Theatre and Film in 2005-2009 in the class of László Marton and Géza Hegedűs D. She spent her professional practice at Vígszínház, after her graduation in 2009 she became a member of Radnóti Theatre. In 2017 she started to work as a freelance actor. Since 2019 she is an actress of Vígszínház. Besides her stage roles, she is also known from successful movies like Kincsem or Pesti Balhé.


International Festival of Drama Universities- Best actress (2008)
Máthé Erzsi-Scholarship (2009)
Best Actress – Radnóti Theatre (2010)
Junior Prima Prize (2010)
Őze Lajos-Prize (2011)
Soós Imre-prize (2013)

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Petrik Andrea