Sándor Lukács

Sándor Lukács was born in Miskolc. Since 1972, his graduation from the University of Theatre and Film Budapest, he is a member of Vígszínház. Besides his outstanding stage performances he played in more than 40 films, and published 5 books with his own poems. He got He­ge­dűs Gyu­la-Memory Ring in 1974, Já­szai Ma­ri-Prize­ in 1978, Virtuous Artist Prize in 1990, Rutt­kai Éva-Memory Ring in 1993. He won the Ajtay An­dor-Memory Prize of Vígszínház three times (1991, 1996, 2009). In 2007 he got the Harsányi Zsolt-Memory Prize. In the same year he also got the Prima Pri­mis­si­ma Prize. In 2009 he was awarded with Bi­li­csi-Prize and Pro Urbe Bu­da­pest Prize. In 2013 he became Outstanding Artist of Hungary, in 2015 he got Roboz Imre Artist Prize. In 2016 he was awarded with the Kossuth Prize.


He­ge­dűs Gyu­la-Memory Ring (1974)
Já­szai Ma­ri-Prize (1978)
Virtuous Artist (1990)
Rutt­kai Éva-Memory Ring (1993)
Ajtay An­dor-Memory Prize (1991, 1996, 2009)
Har­sá­nyi Zsolt-Memory Prize (2007)
Prima Pri­mis­si­ma (2007)
Bi­li­csi-Prize (2009)
Pro Urbe Bu­da­pest-Prize (2009)
Outstanding Artist (2013)
Roboz Imre Artist Prize (2015)
Kos­suth-Prize (2016)

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II. Richárd

május 18. szerda, 19:00


május 25. szerda, 19:00
június 3. péntek, 19:00