András Kern

András Kern was born in Budapest and had his first big success in 1962 with a stand-up piece in a famous Hungarian talent contest. Three years later he won the Main Prize of the XIII. National Amateur Film Festival with his amateur film What now? After graduating from the University of Theatre and Film in 1970, he became and actor-in-residence at Vígszínház Budapest. He is one of the most successful and most popular artists of his generation, having performed in numerous theatre plays, more than 60 films and TV-shows; he is a very well-known voice actor, among others he is the Hungarian voice of Woody Allen, and he is also working as a director both in theatre and in film. He released four recordings and appears regularly on the radio. Beside the many awards he got during his career, in the year 2007 he received the Kossuth Prize, the highest Hungarian state award for artistic and cultural excellence for his work.


He­ge­dűs Gyu­la-Memory Ring (1976)
Já­szai Ma­ri-Prize (1978)
Ajtay An­dor-Memory Ring (1988)
Virtuous Artist (1989)
Ka­rin­thy-Ring (1995)
Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic, Officer’s Cross (1996)
MSZOSZ-Prize (1996)
Theatre Festival Special Prize (1997)
Outstanding Artist (2003)
Eternal member of ’Immortal Company’ (2003)
Déri Já­nos Prize(2004)
Honorary citizen of the XIII. District Budapest (2005)
Páger An­tal- Actor Prize (2007)
Kos­suth-Prize (2007)
Pro Urbe Bu­da­pest Prize (2010)
Har­sá­nyi Zsolt-Prize (2012)
Víg­szín­ház-Prize (2015)
Ajtay An­dor-Memory Prize (2021)

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