Barbara Hegyi

Barbara Hegyi was born in Bu­da­pes­t. She graduated the University of Theatre and Film of Budapest in 1989. From 1989 to 1996 she was a member of József Attila Theatre. In 1992 she studied at the Lee Strasberg Drama School in Los Angeles for three months. Since 1996 she is a member of Vígszínház. She played in almost 50 very successful movies and TV films and is a very popular voice actor. She is also known as a philanthropist, among others she is the ambassador of the Pedigree Affiliation Program. In 2001 she got the Varsányi Irén Memory Ring, in 2010 the Ajtay Andor Memory Prize and the Ruttkai Éva Memory Ring.



Já­szai Ma­ri-Prize (2000)
Var­sá­nyi Irén-Memory Ring (2001)
Kinght of Cross from the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic (2005)
Ajtay An­dor-Memory Prize (2010)
Rutt­kai Éva-Memory Ring (2010)
Libri Golden Book for her book Ab­ra­ka Babra (2012)
Psota Irén Prize (2017)
Páger An­tal-Actor Prize (2019)
Ajtay An­dor-Memory Prize (2021)

Hegyi Barbara