Judit Halász

After graduating from the University Theatre and Film Budapest, Judit Halász became a member of the National Theatre Pécs. She hardly even spent half a year there, Zoltán Várkonyi already invited her as a guest actor to Vígszínház Budapest, and offered her a contract from the next season. Since that time, she is a member of Vígszínház.

She performed in plays by A. Mil­ler, T. Wil­li­ams, Chekhov, Mo­li­e­re, G.B. Shaw, Gol­do­ni, Krúdy, Ör­kény, Sza­ko­nyi, Woody Allen, Neil Simon and many more.

Her partners were – among others – legendary actors like Éva Rutt­kai, Mária Su­lyok, Antal Páger, Elma Bulla.

She appeared in almost 40 films (films by István Szabó, Márton Keleti, Félix Máriássy, Zoltán Várkonyi, István Székely, János Rózsa, Miklós Jancsó and many more) and in several TV plays (among others The Bear and The Proposal by Chekhov).

She made an album ‘The months of Twins’ from the poems of Miklós Radnóti, she performed poems with other artists, but her biggest success was a genre built by her: She started to sing the poems of Hungarian poets with music composed by the biggest figures of Hungarian pop music (János Bródy, Levente Szö­ré­nyi, Szabolcs Szö­ré­nyi, László Tolcs­vay, Mihály Mó­ricz and other) for children. From these albums more than one and a half million were sold. So Hungaroton gave her after several Golden albums a Diamond album too.

She was elected by the children (as first in Hungary) for the Knight of the Smile-Order founded by polish children. Earlier Pope John Paul the II. and Peter Ustinov were also elected as Knights. Based on the votes of the audience, in 2003 she became the member of “The Immortal Company”. In the autumn of 2001 she published an album with a unique genre in Hungary: She tried to show Operas and make them popular among children, firstly The Magic Flute by Mozart.

The Hungarian State awarded her work with Kossuth Prize, Jászai Mari Prize, Virtuous Artist Prize and the Officer’s Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit.  

And what cannot be missed from her CV: She was a member of the National Junior Riders Team in high school; as show jumper she got the 3rd place at the National Championship and she got the Award for the best female rider of the year. She loves horses and dogs. She is friends with cats too…


Já­szai Ma­ri-Prize (1971)
Var­sá­nyi Irén-Mourning Ring (1974)
Ajtay An­dor-Award (1981, 1994, 2017)
Virtuous Artist Prize (1983)
SZOT-Prize (1985)
Knight of Smile-Order (1987)
Er­zsé­bet-Prize (1988)
Best singing actress Prize (1990)
Dé­ry­né-Prize (1994)
Officer’s Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit (1996)
Kos­suth-Prize (2001)
Har­sá­nyi Zsolt-Award (2001)
Acknowledging certificate of Ministry (2001)
Páger An­tal- Prize(2002)
Bi­li­csi Ti­va­dar- Prize (2002)
For the children Sch­nell Já­nos- Memory medal (2002)
Móra Fe­renc-Prize – For the Hungarian children culture (2002)
For the future of the children of Europe Prize – Future of Europe Association (2002)
Golden age Prize – Most popular actress (2002)
Member of Immortal Company (2003)
Fo­nog­ram Hungarian Music Prize (2005)
Ap­he­land­ra Prize  - For humanist achievements for the audience (2006)
As­si­tej-Prize (International Organization of Children and Youth Theatre) – For the children culture, children theatre (2006)
Maece­nas-Prize (2007)
Prima Pri­mis­si­ma-Award (2008)
Pro Urbe Bu­da­pes­t Prize (2009)
Homeland-Prize (2010)
Dad, listen to me! – Diamond album (2012)
Roboz Imre Artistic Memory Prize(2014)
Hungarian Heritage Prize (2014)
Pro Fa­mi­lis-Prize (2015)
Fo­nog­ram-Prize (2015)
Víg­szín­ház-Prize (2015)
Hungarian Freedom Prize (2016)
Golden Medal Prize (2016)

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