Patrícia Kovács

Patrícia Kovács was born in Bu­da­pes­t. She graduated the University of Theatre and Film Budapest in 2003, in the class of Gábor Máté. Then she became a member of the Gárdonyi Géza Theatre Eger until 2007, since 2009 she is a member of Vígszínház. She worked as a freelance artist between 2011 and 2017, then she joined the company of Orlai Production. Since 2021 she is again a member of Vígszínház.

She played in contemporary and classic plays, in performances of state theatres and independent theatre groups, and she is also known and recognized as a film actor. She portrayed among others chracters like Vas­zi­li­sza in The Lower Depths, Mira in Lost Paradise, title role of Györ­gyi­ke, you sweet child, Na­tal­ja Iva­nov­na in Three Sisters, or Kor­nél in The Fiancé.

She got her first movie role in the film Rasz­pu­tyin in 1996, which was followed by roles in Cso­csó, avagy éljen május el­se­je, Jadv­i­ga pár­ná­ja, Sze­re­lem­től sújt­va, Szép napok, Nejem, nőm, csa­jom, or Fél­vi­lág. The audience could meet her also in the TV series Kor­ha­tá­ros sze­re­lem and Min­ta­apák. She is a voice actor too.

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Kovács Patrícia