Éva Igó received the István Iglódi Memorial Ring
2023. 05. 17.

Éva Igó received the István Iglódi Memorial Ring this year

The Vígszínház's Cabaret performance ended with a surprise yesterday at the Vígszínház. During the applause, Zsuzsa Iglódiné Fábry and Péter Rudolf solemnly announced that this year Éva Igó, Jászai Mari Prize-winning actress, deserving and outstanding artist, will receive the István Iglódi Memorial Ring.

The award, named after István Iglódi, director of the Hungarian Theatre of Pest - formerly the National Theatre - who died in 2009, was founded in 2011 by his widow, Zsuzsa Iglódiné Fábry, to honour the memory of her husband. The award is presented every May to an actor who had a close relationship with the legendary actor, theatre director or director. Since its inception, the Iglódi Memorial Ring has been awarded to Anna Kubik, Dezső Rancsó, Éva Auksz, Csaba Jegercsik, Bözse Soltész, László Méhes, Erika Pápai, Áron Őze, Bernadett Gregor and Antal Cserna.

In recent years, the award ceremony has been organised in complete secrecy, so that the recipient only finds out that he or she has received the award at the moment of the ceremony. Éva Igó received the ring during the applause for her performance of Cabaret. István Iglódi has directed Éva Igó several times, including in the Vígszínház's production of The Kissing Woman in 1987, for which she won the Emerton Prize. During their work together, they developed a deep and decisive professional relationship.

István Iglódi, Kossuth and two-time Jászai Mari Prize-winning actor, merited artist, former director of the Hungarian Theatre in Pest, and a permanent member of the National Theatre, was born on 29 April 1944 in Magyarbóly. He graduated from the Academy of Theatre and Film Arts as an actor in 1966 and as a director in 1968. He began his career at the National Theatre, where he was a member until 1973. Afterwards he worked at the 25th Theatre and became an actor-director at the People's Theatre. Between 1982 and 1990 he was the main director of the Attila József Theatre, later he returned to the National Theatre and from 1999 until his death he was the director of the same institution, which was renamed the Hungarian Theatre of Pest. He taught for 30 years at the Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, where he was appointed associate professor. He has appeared in numerous TV films and plays, including How They Run in the Trees, The Corporal and the Others, The Testament of the Koppányi Aga, I Wait Till Tomorrow, The Talking Robe, Journey Around My Skull and Lost Illusions.