In memoriam Vera Venczel
2023. 10. 20.

On the occasion of the two-year anniversary of the death of Venczel Vera, a charity screening will be held between October 22 and 27 by eSzínház and Vígszínház.

Tickets: https: 
The Vígszínház and the eSzínház donate the ticket proceeds to the Venczel Vera Memorial Award. 

A mono-drama adaptation of a mystical novel. Mária Szepes's novel, published in 1946, fell into the beating-machine after a few months as a dangerous, upsetting literature piece. The few saved copies then passed from hand to hand for decades; those who could get hold of it enjoyed it as forbidden fruit, but the work nevertheless became a cult masterpiece. 

The basic theme of the book is an elixir, the Prima Materia itself, which makes you immortal. The story begins in 1535 and ends three hundred years later. Through new and new lives and deaths, we can follow the reincarnation development of a restless soul. 

Author: Mária Sze­pes
Directed by: Böbe Bodor