GARDENIA - Guest performance by Odeon Theatre, Bucharest
2023. 05. 12.

The characters in Elżbieta Chowaniecz's play are anonymous women, identified only by numbers. Gardénia is a partial family history: the drama of four generations of Polish women. As they go through almost the entire history of the twentieth century, in peace and war, in wealth and poverty, we also discover the complexly simple relationships between mother and daughter, grandmother and granddaughter, great-grandmother and great-granddaughter. Gardénia is a dramatic study of a transgenerational model set in a distinctly female universe. The performance raises a number of sensitive questions. How do inherited tendencies and learned behavioural patterns influence our behaviour? Can we disconnect ourselves from our social circumstances?

Zoltán Balázs's production will be shown on 25 May at the Pesti Theatre in Romanian, with Hungarian and English subtitles.

The performance is part of the 10th Theatre Olympics.

Tickets and the programme: