Heart Blade - participatory theatre at the Studio Stage
2023. 10. 13.

The two actors of the Heart Blade participatory poetry theater, Éva Igó and Áron Zoltán, not only introduce the audience contemporary poems, but also inspire them to write poetry. It is a participatory theater where at the beginning of the performance you are not asked to switch off the phone, but to leave them on and even use them! As an example, let's look at what the word "poem" throws up. Heart Blade will be shown on the Studio Stage of Vígszínház from October 17.

"It is very interesting, but it seems that we have succeeded in selecting poems that have a serious effect on people from the age of teenagers and above. And it seems to be confirmed that the form of participation - because the spectators are also part of the work - is beautifully matching the freedom and bravura simplicity of contemporary poems. There has never been a performance where it was not possible to involve everyone in the game, and thus also in the poems" – tells Áron Zoltán. The performance was originally presented on April 11, 2018, in a joint workshop with directors Anna Gerencsér and Fruzsina Dézsi and with composer-musician Dávid Mester's at the Bethlen Téri Színház. Since then, the production has come a long way, until it found its home on the Studio Stage at Vígszínház in 2023. 

In the production, the works of the following poets will be performed, with the personal contribution of the authors: János Áfra, András Bajtai, Tamás Bende, Ákos Győrffy, Benji Horváth, István Kemény, Noémi László, Krisztián Peer, Gábor Sche¬n, Simon Márton, Mátyás Sirokai, Anna T. Szabó, Balázs Szálinger, Krisztina Tóth, Tímea Turi

Tickets and more: https://​www.​vigszinhaz.​hu/​Szivlapat