Monodrama written for two actors premieres at Vígszínház
2022. 01. 14.

“How does it feel, if we are only alone on the surface?”- this could be the motto of the new show of Vígszínház. “Still Beautiful After a Storm” will premiere on the 21st January, 2022 staged by Benjamin Dino at the Studio stage of Vígszínház. The monodrama written for two actors will be a unique theatrical experiment, guiding the audience to the faraway world of Japan, performed by Balázs Szántó and Olivér Kovács.

In the story of Dávid Cseh, a Hungarian boy moves to Japan, fulfilling his dream about getting there once. His time there isn’t careless though, since he doesn’t really find his place in this foreign culture. Then, in the autumn of 2017, a typhoon strikes the Japanese capital. And the life of the boy changes forever on this rainy, windy, dreamy night… “We can experience the story and Tokyo from a Hungarian guy, Bence’s point of view. The Japanese are already used to typhoons, but Bence isn’t. He feels, that not only the city, but his soul is tumbled by the storm too. His personality and inscape gets shaped by the persons he meets that night. He starts to accept and get to know himself better and better. The story is told by one person, but it is portrayed by two in this special play”- emphasizes Benjamin Dino, the director of the show.

The performance is based on the Japanese theatre genre rakugo. However, the official form of this is only shown in one longer scene, but in the most scenes, only some characteristics of the genre will appear. We can meet the scene, the feeling, the soul and the story from a Hungarian boy’s point of view, who lives everything on the highest level- just like a Japanese rakugo- actor.

Is it possible to live in solitude with company? How can we bear the losses we have to face during our lives? Why are we fighting against our decisions made in the past in our present? How can we open up to the world and to each other? What is one’s responsibility in this? The performance Still Beautiful After a Storm is trying to find some answers for these eternal questions.

Dávid Cseh: Still Beautiful After a Storm
Víg­szín­ház, Studio Stage

Performed by: Balázs Szán­tó, Olivér Ko­vács

Set and costume design: Jenny Hor­váth
Choreography: Krisztina Va­dász
Music: Dávid Mes­ter
Dra­ma­turg: Dávid Cseh
Dra­ma­turg consultant: Krisztina Ko­vács
Assistant of director: Kata Szlá­dek

Director: Dino Ben­ja­min

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