Opening night of Harvey at Vígszínház
2022. 04. 07.

A gigantic white rabbit, imagined only by one person, but if the performance works well, it can be seen by thousands and thousands from night to night – up to everyone’s fantasy. The Pulitzer-winning comedy Harvey by Mary Chase is until today one of the most played Broadway-shows. The key to its success is both the unique sense of humor the play has, but also the recognition that all of us would want a friend like Harvey. Harvey helps Elwood through solitude, helps dealing with disappointments and bearing other people, so someone who helps bearing life. Harvey staged by Péter Valló will be premiered at Vígszínház on the 9th of April with Ru­dolf Péter, Ba­lá­zso­vits Edit, Szi­lá­gyi Csen­ge, Brasch Bence and Kő­sze­gi Ákos in the leading roles.  

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Előadásfotók - Barátom, Harvey