The Hungarian premiere of Krum at the Pesti Theatre
2023. 10. 02.

A tragicomedy in which we can see ourselves.

One of Hanoch Levin's most influential pieces, Krum is full of love of life and humor, with pain in between. He speaks honestly about the most important things: the impossibility of the young generation, love, loneliness, the dullness of life and unfulfilled desires. Although the play was written in 1975, it has lost none of its freshness and relevance, so in the recent years, it was rediscovered by major European theaters and played with success in several countries. Péter Valló's staging, which will be the Hungarian premiere of the play, will be presented on October 7 in the Pesti Theater. In the main roles you can meet József Wunderlich, Eszter Nagy-Kálózy, András Ötvös, Barbara Hegyi, Zoltán Seress and Csenge Szilágyi.

Krum's Hungarian premiere is staged by Péter Valló. "Essentially, this play shows the emptiness, the disorientation that occurs in children through what was caused by the 1968 student uprisings and the subsequent processes in the world. In a strange way this story about the unmotivated youth without a picture of future became the most pressing problem again. It strongly reflects how the Y and Z generations, who feel a lack of appearance, start living on anti-depressants. But it also does not ignore the role and responsibility of the parents in this process. The author's special skill is that this difficult story is still presented with humor, and it is full of wonderful roles. I hope that this performance, in addition to its drama, will be enjoyable, entertaining and versatile and will give the audience a complex theatre experience."

 The performance was created with the permission of "The Hanoch Levin Institute of Israeli Drama". 

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Előadásfotók - Krum