The award-winning theatre performance by Kornél Mundruczó at Vígszínház
2022. 03. 25.

The award-winning theatre performance by TR Warszawa (PL) directed by Kornél Mundruczó will be played at Vígszínház on the 4th and 5th of May.

The main character of ’Pieces of a Woman’, the 30-year-old Maya is faced with a loss, a young woman’s attitude to her prior life is fundamentally challenged. Thus, in this tragedy, she does not only lose the one she has loved the most, but herself as well. Does she get a chance to redefine her life if she follows her heart instead of her mind for the first time in her life?

In the age of political correctness and #metoo when everything is labelled, we think every sin must entail punishment and where there is no culprit, we cry guilty. Is it not our correctness that makes us narrow-minded?

Premiering in 2018, the play is a stirring vision of modern women who fight for their right to make decisions about their own lives. A family story set in Central Europe whose universal message is underlined by multiple awards from Athens to Avignon and the highly-acclaimed film’s popularity on Netflix.

Tickets and more: https://​www.​vigszinhaz.​hu/​Pieces_​of_​a_​Woman

A performance in Polish, with Hungarian and English subtitles.

The prog­ram will happen through a contribution of Budapest Brand, Budapest Spring Festival.

Recommended for audiences over the age of 16