The rehearsals of ‘Still Beautiful After a Storm’ have started.
2021. 12. 10.

The rehearsals of ‘Still Beautiful After a Storm’ have started. The show staged by Benjamin Dino, performed by Balázs Szántó and Olivér Kovács will be premiered in January at our Studio stage.

The production is unique in many ways: the story takes place far away in Japan, and the performance will evoke a traditional Japanese theatre style, the rakugo. This means, one actor tells the whole story, playing all the characters by himself, changing the roles dynamically. In this performance though, another actor will join the storyteller, who will be his silent partner during the show.

A young artist team is working on the production: the author Dávid Cseh, the choreographer Krisztina Vadas, the composer Dávid Mester and the stage- and costume designer Jenny Horváth.

Tickets and more: http://vigszinhaz.hu/english/repertoar/program.php?mid=KKPx3u2hYfQHdJszfs2r2F


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