Children of Paradise premieres at Vígszínház
2021. 08. 31.

The French poet Jac­ques Pré­vert and the film director Mar­cel Carné escaped from the horror of the II. WW to creating, and in a North-French forest they wrote and then they shot one of the most important films of the 20th century, the Children of Paradise. The creators of The Great Gatsby – Attila Vidnyánszky Jr. director, Miklós Vecsei H. writer, Adrián Kovács composer and Pater Sparrow set designer – adapted the cult film on stage premiering on the 4th of September at Vígszínház. The center of the story is the beautiful actress Garance and four man, who are all falling for her: a pantomime artist, an actor, a criminal and an aristocrat.

The performance is laid in Paris, where artists, acrobats, actors and aristocrats live their everyday life, looking for themselves and others. Frederik Lömetrö (József Wunderlich), the detached actor would do anything to be on every poster on the streets. His friend Puppet Officer (Zoltán Gyöngyösi), the pantomime artist would do on the contrary anything to be pulled out of the world but still finding a home on stage. He cannot match the truth of the relationships and dignity with the urban environment. This constant battle leads him to silence and to pantomime until he meets Garance, the mysterious actress, who not only charms Puppet Officer and Frederik, but also Pier Franszoá (Attila Csapó) and the rich Earl Eduard (István Hirtling). And during the story, we hear music almost all the time. “The two main musical motives are connected to the two main locations: the Street of Sin and the theatre. The street is a carnival-like, dark, repulsive but attractive place at the same time, while the latter is an enchanted, unreachable, but still a close and inviting space. The most important motive is the one of the Puppet Officer, the Moon-motive, which highlights his outsider being in this world. The performance is built up from closed songs, singed-scenes and silent plays in the meeting and rotating of the classic and modern.”- emphasizes the composer, Adrián Kovács.

Children of Paradise te­a­ser: www.​youtube.​com/​watch?​v=NS5GDto4SLc

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