Our New Year's Eve performances
2023. 10. 19.

We are pleased to inform you that our New Year's Eve performances are now available!

At the Vígszínház you can see The Great Gatsby with two shows, while at the Pesti Theatre you can see the New Year's Eve performance of Will be, which will be in the afternoon and evening!

The Great Gatsby: 

Will be, which will be - New Year's Eve special: 

Buy a pair of tickets for New Year's Eve at the Vígszínház or the Pesti Theatre in the first 8 rows of the ground level and receive a "25 years of the Vígszínház" gift publication, a chronicle of the past 25 years of the Vígszínház, with a lot of photos, in a niche album.

The books will be available at Booking Office of Vígszínház or on the day of the performance in the foyer.

Let's spend the last day of 2023 together!

Tickets: https://​www.​vigszinhaz.​hu/​musor/​index.​php