Antal Szerb meets Jenő Rejtő / Musical literature evening
2022. 09. 07.

Antal Szerb meets Jenő Rejtő / Musical literary evening at Pesti Theatre


At the Literary Salon evening on 13 September, we will pay tribute to two legendary authors of the 20th century Hungarian literature. What connects these two defining authors of 20th century Hungarian literature? How did their careers begin, how were they connected to the legendary magazine West, which café was their home, how did their literary careers and friendships develop - with Ágnes Nagy Nemes, Frigyes Karinthy, Kálmán Latabár, Sándor Sík - and with each other? What parallels and differences characterize their lives and careers, how they lived, whom they loved?


Join us on 13 September at Pesti Theatre for a musical reading and discussion of the stories of these two 20th century writers. This evening belongs to Antal Szerb and Jenő Rejtő, who laid down unforgettable cornerstones of 20th century Hungarian literature.


📌 Cast:

József Havasréti, literary historian

József Wunderlich actor

Tamás Lengyel actor

Ferenc Darvas pianist


Hostess, editor: literary writer Anna Juhász


Pesti Theatre


Due to technical reasons, the event will take place at Pesti Theatre instead of the Várkert Bazár. Tickets for the Várkert Bazaar are not valid for the new venue, they will be refunded by the Várkert Bazaar.


The performance can be seen with new tickets purchased at the Pesti Theatre.


The tickets cost HUF 2500 per unit.


Tickets can be purchased at: https://​www.​vigszinhaz.​hu/​program.​php...​