A black comedy in Pesti Theatre
2021. 11. 29.

The saying goes: - „Behind every successful man is a woman”. In case of the play Party by Sally Potter, this phrase would sound like: „behind every successful woman there is another woman”. For some years, the film The Party of the English screenwriter and director had been a hit and she did the stage adaptation of the film by herself. The black comedy full of surprises will be first premiered in Hungary at Pesti Színház on the 4th of December performed by Barbara Hegyi, Sándor Lukács, Patrícia Kovács, Éva Igó, Csenge Szilágyi, Péter Telekes and Bence Brasch.


Janet is an ambitious politician, and her biggest wish is to reform and repair the health care system in her country. The chance for making her dreams come true finally comes, as she gets elected minister of the British shadow cabinet. She wants to celebrate this win with her husband and friends. It seems though, that all the guests have some secrets or some sensational announcement. They care less and less about Janet, soon the night is not about her and about her successes anymore. Mysterious phone calls, one awaited guest stays away and also a gun comes up…

The film The Party by the English screenwriter and director Sally Potter debuted in 2017, and won the Guild Prize at the International Berlin Film Festival. The author made a stage adaption of the film by herself, which was played in more theatres in Europe in the last years. In Hungary, the play can be seen first at Pesti Theatre, staged by Béla Paczolay. “This is a real black comedy. Hopefully it will be very funny, because while dealing with very serious and hurtful things, the characters and situations are very amusing. They get in extreme situations, and we see, how someone is capable to give up their principles, and to betray their friends and themselves too, if the situation requires it. The party is a crime story at the same time: it is full with secrets, there is a gun, a very good cause, malice aforethought and sudden upset- everything that is needed for a good crime. But if the gun would be used, and by whom, who the victim would be- these are questions only the spectators will be able to answer. - says the director of the performance.

The black comedy full of surprises is performed by Barbara Hegyi, Sándor Lukács, Patrícia Kovács, Éva Igó, Csenge Szilágyi, Péter Telekes and Bence Brasch. “This play is like a rollercoaster: there are emotional heights, then something unbelievable thing turns out, we start falling, then another surprise comes, and then we crawl back. My character Janet also falls down from the highest point on this night, but she tries to get back several times. I don’t tell, where she arrives at the end…”- says the protagonist, Barbara Hegyi.  

The performance is recommended for an audience aged 18 or over! 

Sally Potter – Party

Pesti Theatre

Premiere: 4. December 2021

Janet – Barbara Hegyi
Bill – Sándor Lukács
April – Patrícia Kovács
Gottfried – Péter Telekes
Martha – Éva Igó
Jinny – Csenge Szilágyi
Tom – Bence Brasch

Translation/Dramaturg: KRISZTINA KOVÁCS
Set design: CSÖRSZ KHELL
Lighting Design: MÓNI HLINKA

Assistant of Director: KATA SZLÁDEK


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