Theatre Night of Béla Fesztbaum based on the writings of Ferenc Molnár
2022. 01. 10.

The author of brilliant comedies and The Paul Street Boys is very well known, but we are not so familiar with the passionate journalist, writing articles about his beloved city Budapest in a particular way behind a coffee table. The performance Pest, My Hometown by Béla Fesztbaum shows us the unknown side of the house dramatist of Vígszínház with the finest and delicate texts of Ferenc Molnár. The premiere of the performance is on the 15th of January 2022 at the Studio stage.

The sharp mind, the theatre talent and the sense of humor of Ferenc Molnár are very characteristic in the writings of Pest, My Hometown too. He was a chronicler of a dynamic flourishing metropolis. “He was interested in everything, he turned around after all kind of subjects, and wrote about Pest in a passionate, funny, sometimes ironic way. The dark side of the enormous economic boom, the story of the common man, the behind the scenes secrets of the theatre, the controversy of a public life, the corruption, the toxic effects of the contemporary media, the contrast between stressing patriotism and being a real patriot were just as interesting topics for him as a hunting adventure with the king, or an elegant pig slaughter in the city. Main point is, that the smart, intelligent and sensitive Molnár, very well-known from the theatre, was also totally present in these writings. In the morning he was staging his own play at Vígszínház, where he stayed for the premiere in the evening, and then in the night he wrote his articles about up-to-date topics in a corner of a coffee shop. In a dialogue, in a monologue, behind a character, as he liked it in the moment…” – is highlighted by the creator and director of the show, Béla Fesztbaum. “This performance was made almost at the time as The Paul Street Boys. I was rehearsing Mr. Rácz on the big stage, while in my dressing room I was very busy studying and editing Pest, My Hometown. I am very grateful for the opportunity to show this performance and this author now, in the 125th anniversary season of Vígszínház for the audience.”

For the performance Pest, My Hometown, also music had been made in the Molnár way- as he also composed occasionally- now it was written by Béla Fesztbaum. It is an organic part of the performance, and alike the texts, very diverse too: at some point it is in a puppet theatre or in opera style. On this night the audience will get a thought-provoking but also entertaining show and experience about Ferenc Molnár. The unknown side of the well-known author can be seen during a very exciting time travel between the old Budapest and the Budapest of today.

Ferenc Mol­nár – Pest, My Hometown
performed by: Béla Feszt­ba­um

Set design: Péter Enyv­vá­ri
Musicians: Rita Ter­mes, Izsák Far­kas, Mihály Sim­kó-Vár­nagy
Text edited, music composed and directed by: Béla Feszt­ba­um

Opening night at Vígszínház: 15. 01. 2022

Tickets and more information:

Előadásfotók - Szülőfalum, Pest