Vígtheatre held its season closing meeting
2022. 06. 10.

Attila Csapó, Szabolcs Horváth, Éva Igó, Erzsébet Kútvölgyi, Balázs Szántó, Csenge Szilágyi, Jr. Attila Vidnyánszky's work was also awarded at the seasonal meeting of Vígszínház. The Venczel Vera Memorial Award was presented for the first time, and was given for the stage director Pater Sparrow. The season's finale was marked by the unveiling of the new members, and also by greetings of the jubilee workers. In the 2021/22 season of the Vígszínház, there were 553 live performances, compared to just 111 in the previous year. The total attendance of the theatre's three stages this season was almost 90%, with 310,000 spectators watching the performances. Only 16 own performances were cancelled, most of them at the Studio Stage, and the artists saved nearly 80 performances as understudies. 


Following the tradition, several artistic prizes were awarded at the season's closing meeting. On the basis of the secret voting of the members, the chosen jury awarded the Ajtay Andor Memorial Prize for the best performance of the season to Csenge Szilágyi and Jr. Vidnyánszky Attila. The "A kiscsillag is csillag prize" for the best episode role, founded in honor of István Szatmári, was won by Attila Csapó. The jury awarded the Roboz Imre Artists' Memorial Prize to a member of the Vígtheatre who not only strengthens the artistic standing and reputation of the theatre with his or her artistic work, but also with his or her social engagement. This year's prize went to Éva Igó. The Venczel Vera Memorial Prize was awarded for the first time, founded by the husband György Czapp of the outstanding actress passed by last year. The prize is awarded to the best set designer of the season in even-numbered years and to the best costume designer in odd-numbered years. The first to receive the award was Pater Sparrow (Zoltán Verebes). The Hegedűs Gyula Memorial Prize for the best actor under 32 years of age was awarded to Balázs Szántó. The Harsányi Zsolt Memorial Prize was awarded to Erzsébet Kútvölgyi. János Héjj, stage manager and actors Béla Fesztbaum and Sándor Lukács received the Vígszínház Award for their dedicated work and outstanding artistic production. The Golden Whirl Award, founded by the Works Council to honor technical and operative colleagues, was awarded to Krisztina Rácz dresser and Mrs. Lajosné Tóth bookkeeper.


In the 2021/22 season, the artists saved nearly 80 performances as understudies. There were also some extreme cases: Balázs Szántó was on his way to rehearsal when he found out that in an hour's time he would have to step on stage as the Blind Beggar in Children of Paradise, and that's why the Blind Beggar was holding a script in the theatre that day. Szabolcs Horváth only found out a few hours before the performance that he would have to jump into Lieutenant Schultz's role in The Great Dictator, so this was the performance where even the script was flown. In a season packed with role-substitutions, for the first time Vígtheatre handed the Haraszthy Hermin Award for the most performance saving jumps to Szabolcs Horváth.


At the end of the season, the jubilee members of the theatre were also thanked. Sándor Lukács has been an actor here for 50 years, Éva Igó an actor, Mercédesz Szabella a dresser and Mária Majzik a chief cashier for 35 years, Zsuzsa Hullan actor, Zoltán Kuji prop man, Géza Pásztor sound designer and Zsolt Rehó stage worker have been in theatre for 30 years, Tünde Majsai-Nyilas and Béla Fesztbaum have been performing, Zoltán Ónodi set maker and Zsolt Spreiczer has been a stage worker for 25 years, Mrs. Kocsisné Szelényi Katalin prop woman has been a faithful member of the Vígszínház for 20 years.


In the 2022/23 season, Zsombor Kövesi, Balázs Medveczky, András Ötvös and Csilla Radnay will join the Vígtheatre as new members. Sára Varga-Járó from the University of Theatre and Film and Panna Virágh from the University of Kaposvár will spend their student years at the theatre. Enikő Dobó and László Józan will work as guest artists in the theatre.


The first premiere of the 2022/23 season of the Vígtheatre will be The Castle on 8 October, followed by the premiere of Incognito at the Pesti Theatre on 22 October. The season will also include premieres of Measure for Measure, Three Nights of One Love, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Pinocchio.  The theatre is offering a range of season tickets for the new shows and for previous productions in the repertoire, with ticket sales for the September and October performances starting in mid-June.


Vígszínház highlights - season 2021/22: