Bella Figura staged by Ferenc Török at Pesti Theatre
2021. 10. 18.

On this romantic, wonderful night nothing happens the way it was planned. An accident and the delicate “la bella figura” mood, and the rest of the night turns surreal. Yasmina Reza the world-famous French writer with Hungarian origins is able to show us the everyday problems and relationship conflicts in a funny, deep hurting and cruel way at the same time. Bella Figura staged by Ferenc Török will be premiered on the 22nd of October at Pesti Theatre. The performance is played by Judit Halász, Patrícia Kovács, Csilla Radnay, András Stohl and József Wunderlich.

Bella Figura confronts the audience with the problems of our everyday lives and inquires into our relations to conventions and the questions of secrets and alibies with delicate humor. “This comedy starts with a tragedy: in the parking lot of the restaurant one protagonist hits another by a car, the one who has birthday and should be celebrated on that night by the family. This is where the story of Yasmina Reza starts, and it doesn’t stop until the endless absurdity of the galaxy, and this whole journey is filled with a lot of tiny misunderstandings, mistakes, and coincidental happenings. The sense of humor of the characters is the guarantee for survival though.” – tells Ferenc Török, the director of the play.

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