Masteroff – Kander – Ebb

Director: Attila Béres



Berlin. The beginning of the 1930’s. A real metropolis, where everything can happen, and so everything happens too. Homeless adventurers, and people obsessed with desire, hope and freedom are meeting up here. In the dark heart of the city, on a tiny stage of a shabby nightclub, Sally Bowles, the extravagant singer eager for success coming from America, performs night by night. By coincidence she meets Cliff Bradshaw, the ambitious young writer from England and they fell in love. Love finds the owner of the boarding house Fräulein Schneider and her forever faithful bachelor, Mr. Schultz, the fruit vendor, too. Life is yet beautiful, so far there is peace…

The legendary musical and the film adaptation starring Liza Minnelli is a big experience for many of us. By hearing the title Cabaret, we immediately all start to sing to ourselves the very popular songs like the Pineapple-song, Money-Money, Mein Herr and the Cabaret.

The performance is recommended for an audience over 16 years!